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Municipal enterprise
Belotserkovskii cargo aviation center
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Main task:
Create presentation and quality website for the utility of the city, which is being actively developed and aimed for attracting investors.
Сustomer preferences:
To make an emphasis on individuality and uniqueness in everything. Enticing interesting pages, not intrusive, but always animation, a large number of information blocks, a simple feedback.
Target audience:
Potential Ukrainian and foreign investors who want to invest their money in the development of this perspective object. MORE: have to be comfortable, clear and easy for residents of the city.
Design features:
For the inhabitants of the city to have a clearer idea of the measures and high quality of services provided by an aviation complex. It was made "outline" of the city (in the "footer") and thematic animation.
An absolutely unique project that is carefully thought over, considering of specific customer requirements.
Embedded unique ideas were "take-off platform" for the company!
pages were
Adaptive design
Create an adaptive design
The page on english is almost done!
We adjust the website to fit your mobile device.
Convenient news playback menu
Photo-demonstration sections of the site with a convenient transfer
Smooth zooming when you hover over it
Page advantages of the enterprise with a thematic animation
Special section "Media Center"
Beautiful gallery - presentation of significant events and enterprise services
Making up in pages
and programming
Using all available resources, both technical and human, we fully submerged and... fly...
Specified period of time
We had 30 days to make this project done
18th day
Specified period of time
But we took off before! We run the project in 18 days
Get advice
right now!
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