The company of import and sale of passenger tires, light-truck tires and truck tires on the territory of Ukraine
Main task:
To create a corporate information website.
Сustomer preferences:
Presentation website for the formation of the company's corporate image, searching of customers, partners and employees. To create a platform for easy and rapid communication with customers and partners. Corporate color (as in «TRUCK 24") - red and white. The presentation of information in 3 languages (Ukr., Russ., Eng.). The ability to update quickly the website materials (news, new projects, job).
Target audience:
Wide. Men and women. The leaders of transport companies. Car owners of all categories.
Design features:
Animation central slider, section "Jobs" created with "accordion" feature for easy viewing.
We create a website design template with all the wishes and prerequisites - assigned by the customer. We draw several versions of logo and design all pages in the same style.
Create an adaptive DESIGN design
Adaptive design
This is an excellent opportunity to express the information (in a mini-version) to the users of all mobile devices, tablets with same quality and accessibility.
Finished site
Making up in pages
and programming
After the graphical layout and coder is processed by programmers, the website takes on the functionality. We pay special attention to the development of functional internal optimization (subsequent promotion of the website in the Internet).
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