Gidrosphera Ingineering
The company, which is engaged in the installation of water treatment systems and wastewater treatment "turnkey" in Kiev and region
Main task:
To create an original corporate website as an additional sales channel services
Сustomer preferences:

Individual design for each individual website block. Combine design and text content to "hook" the customer's attention and cause a desire to order the service. Provide easy navigation.

Target audience:

Young and middle-aged people and older people who care about their health. Residents of big cities who are interested in improving water quality, which is consumed. Regardless of the money options, the person should see the benefits and order.

Design features:

The use of parallax effect (fixed background during the scrolling).

And we began to think... ...and make
Create the variants of design layout of website (think over every page)
Making up (forming of web pages)
Fill in with the content (materials and high-quality photos/pictures)
Run the finished project in the Internet (transfer to the hosting, buy domain)
It is just a little left to do
Check the website, together with the customer!
Links, modules, pictures (whether it's loading)....
And when everything is OK...
This is a FINISH!
The website is ready!
Finished website
CREATE a ADAPTIVE design to the website done
Your website is easy to use on any mobile device, from the tablet and the iPhone and at the home theater.
What next?

Development and promotion!
Of course, if you want to add a site's popularity and bring in the top positions in the search...

...But that is another story!

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right now!
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