The company, which sells high-quality and tested products for animals
Main task:
To create the unique and informative corporate website with catalog of veterinary products.
Сustomer preferences:
To make a unique and memorable design of the website to identify veterinary preparations amoung of similar competitors, and to attract the attention of the target audience. The website is available in 3 languages, with the possibility of expanding the language bar. Convenient catalog.
Target audience:
Narrow. Workers in the veterinary field (doctors) and owners of livestock farms.
Design features:
To create a search by two criteria, which will simplify the work with the website:. "The preparations by the group", "Preparations by the animal species". The "Quick Order" button is set - "1 minute and it's ready."
Create a website design layout - taking into account the objectives. Choose graphic elements (direction - animals) which will be used. Identify the structure of each page and color schemes that will attend.
Create an adaptive design
Adaptive design
Now the website will be perfectly displayed not only on the computer, but on your phone and tablet as well. This is a convenience that will expand the audience and bring more profits.
Finished website
Making up in pages
and programming
Create a working version of the website, fill in the text and graphic information (use SEO-copywriting).
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