E-commerce website
Wholesale and retail online shop of exquisite
Italian brand underwear «Jadea»
Main task:
To make a cool online shop for wholesale and retail customers
Сustomer preferences:

(We can not read minds, but fulfill the client's wish, putting our experience and professionalism).

The basis of the e-commerce website is the official website of the brand «Jadea», which is located in Italy. We considering the corporate identity.

Target audience:

Who can be interested in this product? This range of customers, both men and women of all ages who are interested in buying of quality linen, who understands and accepts the ratio of "quality-price".

User interests:

This is what we wanted to see or users - to get (potential customers of the company) by using the e-commerce website.

And we began to think... ...and make
We design and create a layout design (drawing of each page)
Making up (forming of web pages)
Programming (We have developed our own control system - simple and understandable interface with easy setup and operating)
Filling in (Only high-quality information, photos / video)
a little bit more
We are vey close to the end!)
We look through the project together with a customer, discuss, troubleshoot
minor tweaks, or maybe they are not...
The site is ready!
Finished website
Create an adaptive version of the e-commerce website
To provide the same convenient viewing for all smartphones or tablets. Users can read and buy from you, using only one finger!
What's next?

And then... The website is ready to welcome visitors and buyers.

To add popularity of the website and bring it to the top positions in the search systems could help promotion...

...But that is another story!

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right now!
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