Company of sale of furniture components
and of furniture manufacturing
Main task:
To create stylish competitive e-commece website, which will represent beneficial all directions of the company.
Сustomer preferences:
20 years of experience in the market. We need to combine reliability (merits in the of auto parts manufacturing) and substance (about company, catalog of products, news). Create a corporate logo on the basis of style.
Target audience:
Take into consideration a wide range of audiences.Reference point the people who know why they visited the website. To provide "straight from the tin" visitors with a comprehensive information, and make them potential customers.
Design features:
A system of individual discounts is developed. Created filtering of trade items without restrictions on the number.
Develop the design
Develop the design
The basis of the design decisions for the future resource is branding company elements "Magnit".
Finished website
Create an adaptive version of the website
Searching of information on the website should be accessible anywhere, anytime. And, importantly, on all your devices (smart phones, tablets, etc.) And in all browsers to be equally convenient.
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