The company, which is engaged in high-quality printing on the covers for mobile phones
Main task:
To create a stylish and modern website for original people.
Сustomer preferences:
Modern website with convenient navigation. Corporate color - black in combinatin with blue. To make a catalog of ready-made layouts and "Constructor". For customer convenience, the website was made in 3 languages. Everything should be simple.
Target audience:
Wide audience, from teenagers who like to stand out, for business people who value their individuality.
Design features:
A convenient "Constructor" is developed to create and order online a unique cover template.
We carefully study the brief and implement in design all the wishes of the customer. Creating of a layout we use high-quality graphics, a comfortable font, select the correct color spectrum, create a user-friendly interface.
Create an adaptive design
Adaptive design
Visitors can use all the functionality of the website, no matter which device they have.
Finished website
Making up in pages
and programming
Now it is time to do their job for our creators and web designers. They prepare software and the visual part of the project and the materials are integrated into the content management system (CMS). And...the final touch - testing and the project handover.
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